Social Media Bots

There is a greater influence of social media bots over social media platforms and even in the life of normal users too. This type of sophisticated software are partial or fully autonomous programs that communicate on social media to influence the opinion of readers.

This is related to a chatbot but doesn’t consider as it. This is because, chatbots are bots that programmed to hold a conversation independently. Where as social media bots do not have this ability. Hence, chatbots response to users input as per inscription, while social media bots are lacking in this process. Hence, many times social media bots perform very simple interaction like providing options of “follow” and “like.” Chatbots are generally prepared by companies for interactions with their clients.

While social media bots are created by any one for creating its influence over reader. It is estimated that 19% account of Twitter are bots and almost same is for other social media platforms.


Social Media Bots Use

There are bot legitimate and malicious bots on social media, like bots providing sports score, weather updates. The difference between legitimate and malicious is that users know that legitimate bots are bots, while malicious hide its identity of bot and function as human account. Some of the uses of social media bots are:

  1. To make the movement or person influencing. As we know that if a person or movement have greater following then it influences huge crowd and social media bots help to increase the followers of such movement.
  2. Influencing elections. At the time of US Presidential Election 2016, 20% of political discussion and posts on social media were done by 4000000 social media bots.
  3. Many bots are used to spread rumours regarding good or bad news of corporation that create impact on the stock price and shares of that corporation in stock market.
  4. Many people get convinced with phising attackers after watching their fake followers on social media.