Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is a process to build software or mobile apps for small devices like smartphones, tablets and other hand-held devices. These applications are the soul of smartphones. Without them, it is a piece of a metallic box that is of no use.

These applications may be pre-installed at the time of manufacturing platforms. It is also delivered as web application by utilising server-side or client-side processing that help users to get same experience of app within a web browser.

At this moment, iOS from Apple, and Android from Google are the most popular mobile platforms. Apart from mobile application development process the user interface (UI) design of a mobile is also important for mobile app development. Mobile UI give a brief knowledge of screen, constraints, contexts, input and mobility of mobile that use to make an application that will work according to these aspects.

Types of Mobile application

Here is the list of some mobile application:

  1. Native applications:  you can build these applications by using Integrated development environments (IEDs) and languages for smartphones Operating systems, like iOS for Apple and Android for Google. These applications are very costly and allowed to customise necessary features.
  2. Hybrid apps: These are cheaper than native apps to build. These apps are for web and developed by the help of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  3. Progressive web apps: these are the websites that function like apps.
  4. Encapsulated apps: these apps run with in a container app.
  5. Frameworks and libraries: these can be reused by anyone to reduce the time period of application development.

Mobile App development is zero to millions of dollar investment process. If you know the software and codings to develop an app then it will not cost you a single penny. But if you hire someone to develop an app then it will depend on that person, how much is one’s demand.