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Meta Trader Developer

Our expertise is based on creating hundreds of customized Meta Trader programs over the course of many years.

Social Media Marketing

Getting your product/service in front of the right people, at the right time goes ‘hand in hand’ with success.

Trading View

A platform for viewing charts of cryptocurrency, stocks and forex markets. It helps users to trade (based on the strategy created) on an exchange; it acts as an interface that places orders on an exchange.

Social Media Bot

Social media bots can help companies reach a larger audience by automating messages and engaging customers via social media. Tools such as Buddy are able to deliver tailored messages across a variety of platforms.

Sneaker Bot

Sneaker bots are more popular overseas where people use them to buy into limited-release sneakers as soon as they hit the website. Since demand is high, these bots allow you to buy all of the sneakers at once and resell them for a profit.

Trading Bot

Trading bots are the bots which are developed based on the strategy provided by the clients, as well as we have our own strategies. The bot studies and estimates the market trend, and places buy or sell signals based on that. We use trading view in these bots to send signals to the exchange.

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DesoftTech, a renowned engineering and product development company in India, providing the highest quality web and mobile solutions. 


Desoftech is a professional software company which provides various types of protection and backup solutions for you.

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Desoftech is a software company developing quality and customer-centric solutions.

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