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Our Project

Twitter monitoring AI bot

Whenever there is any tweet by a person you follow and you want to get an alert on the same to your telegram discord this boat would be the right choice it would help you to send the notification right to your messaging apps and also this app can help you to monitor hashtags keywords and many more.

The Trading AI Bot

This is a board which connects the TradingView and multiple exchanges any exchange you want and whenever there is a signal on the TradingView it will directly place a trade on the exchange which you want for all kind of markets with stoploss and take profits based on the inputs provided by you this bot has an intermediate between the tradingView and exchanges.

Opensea AI Bot

This bot helps you to notify whenever any of the floor price heads the value but you are expecting and also any other stats which is there on opensea this would help you to get the item you want at the price you want. This board can currently send messages or notification to telegram discord and Twitter.
This bot will help you get NFTs at best price other then any other bot.

Telegram AI bot

Telegram marketing bot is a software that helps you to grow your telegram channel or group in various ways. There is no limit to using this software so you can apply the technique on multiple accounts. We all know that telegram application is growing day by day and used for much official work as well as educational work. So, people are looking for ways to grow their channel and popularity on telegram.

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